July 06, 2015
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The Canadian Amyloidosis Support Network, Inc. is committed to improving survivability and quality of life of Amyloidosis patients by:

  1. Promoting amyloidosis disease awareness in the medical community so it can be recognized earlier and appropriately treated.

  2. Providing patient education, advocacy, support groups and resources.

  3. Supporting high-value research projects.

What is Amyloidosis?

Amyloidosis is a group of diseases in which one or more organ systems in the body accumulate deposits of abnormal proteins. The name "Amyloidosis" was first used more than 100 years ago but cases were described over 300 years ago. However, only within the past 20 years have physicians understood the specific make-up and structure of amyloid protein. Although amyloidosis is not cancer, it is very serious. It may be disabling or life threatening. However, growing awareness of the condition seems to be leading to substantial new research and treatment alternatives.


Toronto Support Meeting Spring 2015

Saturday, June 13, 10 am-3pm

TGH, ELLICSR basement level

Dr Christine Chen


Together we can make a difference... You are not alone!